Annie's Happy Farm

"U-pick and picked: apricots, blackberries, Cherries, nectarines & peaches, apples, apriums, pears, figs, artichokes, all farm fresh vegetable, dried fruit, nuts, local honey, jam, fresh cage free eggs & frozen fruit pies. Home of the goldensweet apricots. Open daily 9-4 in season, for current info & directions, pls check our web page.
快乐时光 - 自行挑选和采摘各种应时水果:樱桃,杏,黑莓,白玉桃,黄桃,油桃,苹果,梨,柿子,石榴,无花果, 枇杷,并提供多种新鲜蔬菜和本地特产农副产品:干果,坚果,蜂蜜, 各种口味新鲜果酱;新鲜农家走地鸡蛋和冷冻水果馅饼。收获季节每天9-4点对外开放。详情请查看我们的网页。"

Where: Annie's Happy Farm
2017 Walnut Blvd.
Between Payne & Concord Ave.
Brentwood, CA
Contact:    (925) 513-8495

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